Custom made Door Pads for a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer by Betty Stills. Check out my other Door Pad, and new vintage jar opener listings.


SIZES are: A 3 tray freeze dryer uses a small door pad, a 4 tray freeze dryer uses a medium door pad, and a 5 tray freeze dryer uses a large door pad. I have 3 Etsy Door Pad listings. Let me know which fabric you would like by using the "personalize" box. Give me the EXACT WORDS that are written below the photo of the fabric you want. Please check your Etsy messages in case I have questions about which fabric you want. The medium door pads made using a photo picture print, are $55, and are offered on a SEPARATE Etsy door pad listing of mine. Examples are horses, eagles, chickens,, cows, barns, eagles, roosters and more. Please do not choose a $40 option and write the name of a photo picture print design, which is $55. Harvest Right is no longer sending a door pad with a new freeze dryer purchase. My Door Pads will insulate the door opening as well as add a personal designer touch that speaks to you. I am a firm believer that it is beneficial to always use a well fitted door pad in the Harvest Right freeze dryer. Mine provide maximum insulation. They assist the interior temperature to lower quicker and will reduce the amount of condensation on the door and gasket, as well as they help reduce or eliminate ice build up on and under the black door gasket. I offer high quality custom made door pads in various fabrics. These door pads, pillow, cushion fit like a glove. A video link is provided below, to show how to use them correctly. I ship within the USA and to Canada. You can wipe your door pad clean with a damp cloth. For extra soiled door pads, dunk into a weak vinegar and water solution then hang to dry. I am also selling vintage Pry-a-lid jar openers in one of my other listings. Contact me, for more information, Betty Stills *(Colors may appear differently on different monitors and the fabric layout may be slightly different than shown). I am not affiliated with the Harvest Right company. >> FOLLOW ME at: How to use door pad And My video showing how to use one of my door pads, Follow me on Instagram at: