Candy Freeze Dried Gummy Bears / Freeze Dried Candy - Freeze dryer Gummi Bear


You will receive 2+oz of freeze dried gummy bears in a mylar bag. Have you tried freeze dried candy? Has your mom? What about your dad? These would be the perfect mothers day or Father's day gift. Freeze dried candy is definitely a conversation starter and so much fun. Remember being a kid and getting to try a new candy for the first time? Bring that feeling back in a brand new way. First responder owned and operated business. Shipped first class in a box with bubble wrap. It takes a full day to make a batch of freeze dried candy, we don't want to ruin it before it gets to you. Be advised some breakage and dust is normal. We use the fairy dust for special sodas, ice cream and tons of other embarrassing ways. We love your feedback but if there is any reason to leave us less than 5 stars please let us know so we can fix it for you.