BILLFARO 3Pcs Rear&Front&Wear Tank Plate Stainless Steel Float Plates with Screws and Allen Keys Aluminum Armor Plates Fit for Onewheel +XR One Wheel XR Accessories, Thick 14 Gauge (.075") AS


These Tank plates are designed to help protect for onewheel +XR while sliding, grinding, or trail riding.. Extra thick 14 gauge (.075") Stainless Steel will last longer than plastic or aluminum plates.. Giving you less worry and more fun in the sun. With the wrap around and rounded corners ,these plates are less likely to grab the ground when making tight turns.. With the handle notch on the front plate you are still able to carry for onewheel on the walk of shame if needed,stainless steel hardware included with a complimentary allen key. (Allen key included in front/back kit only). To keep prices competitive these are economy plates and will have small tooling marks from machining.