Air Pad Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel GT, Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, and Onewheel Pint X (Black, Onewheel Pint & Pint X)


GEL-TECH: Air Pad features our new patent pending Gel-Technology which combines the introduction of an aluminum reinforced interior with the most cushioned gel composition ever felt in a foot pad for Onewheel. This unique fusion reduces foot fatigue, dampens vibration, increases comfort, strengthens the durable structure of the Air Pad’s most desirable concave shape for responsiveness, and ensures elastic memory.. ALUMINUM REINFORCEMENT: The aluminum reinforced interior keeps the Air Pad completely flush against the rails, casing, and bumper of the Onewheel to eliminate the gaps other foot pads experience along the edge of the rails. Air Pad also features our new Debris Block design. This never-before-seen Debris Block at the front of the Air Pad eliminates the ability for rocks and debris to accumulate between the front of the foot pad and the surface of the battery casing. These problems are solved.. COLORS: The Air Pad for the Onewheel+ XR & Onewheel+ is available in six colors including Black, Indigo, Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow. The Air Pad for the Onewheel Pint & Onewheel Pint X is available in Black and will not be available in other colors at this time.. GRIP TAPE: Air Pad comes equipped with Craft&Ride Grip Tape. Air Pad also comes with an extra matching piece of Craft&Ride Grip Tape for your front stock foot pad. Craft&Ride Grip Tape is in a league of its own. With our low grit proprietary formula, we've perfectly spaced rock-like granules to provide just the right amount of space for the grooves of your shoes to stay locked in, without sacrificing the ability to adjust your feet. Our low grit design is everything you need beneath your feet.